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Data logger GSM Kit by WINDCRANE

Please check the lead times below at overview information

This product will be despatched within 5-10 working days

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  • WINDCRANE GSM Datalogger used for live remote monitoring.

    Please be advised this is only logger, if you wish to connect it to the sensor , please purchase the sensor separately or connect to the crane's anemometer.

    Connect your sensors, power up the system and that is all you need to start getting data. Set up takes typically less than 3 min.

    Data is automatically sent every 10 minutes to the Logic Energy web portal, a fully automated and managed remote cloud application.


    Fast data - GSM communications every 10 minutes

    Set your own alert functions

    Limit visits to site by monitoring battery, power supply, GSM and sensor status via remote web portal

    Save time with the special quick Wind report function already installed on WIndcrane web portal

    No software required on your computer to setup GSM data logger, just a web browser

    Robust and long lasting due to very low power consumption

    Keep a track of your sites via Geo map location

    Every WINDCRANE GSM Wind data logger comes with

    Internet GSM data logger

    remote web portal access

    Sim with 1 year contract included

    AC Power supply

  • Features

    Software Features

    Customisable dashboard

    Temperature electricals monitoring (hot and cold)

    Humidity electrical monitoring that prevents faults

    Power monitoring for the cranes' usage, can also help to determine how much power you need for generators etc

    Charting, reporting, Site comparison tools

    Data export tools in CSV, XLS or un-processed or raw format

    Geo Location map of all sites

    Remote GSM signal strength indicator

    Custom Alerts and logs function

    Online con­figuration of sensors

    Centralised data of all your systems & unlimited user access.

    Public live dashboards and mobile access

    Input Channels:

    Up to 2 crane anemometers simultaneously.

    Data sampling rate: 1Hz according to IEC61400.

    Data resolution: Better than 0.01mph, kph or m/s.

    Live data:

    Every 10 minutes with full Average, Max and Turbulence.


    Data storage:

    Unlimited storage, email alerts and historical data download.

    Data transfer:

    Automatic live Cloud updates using the GSM network.


    Power supply: Supplied 12Vdc or 24Vdc Din rail.

    Operating temperature: -20 to +70 °C.

    Enclosure: DIN rail mounted, 9 module size.


    3 years.


  • Download WINDCRANE Specs information
    Download WINDCRANE GSM information

              Download WINDCRANE Iot Data Service

  • Videos

    Connect and stream data to the Internet
    Find devices using geo-location

    Sensor data analysis online

    Wind Speed Energy reports

    Site comparison


    You can find more video tutorials here

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